New column at Patheos: Always Re-forming

Hi friends,

I wanted to let you know that a couple weeks ago I started blogging at Patheos. I’ve got my own column, called Always Re-forming.

(It’s a sort of a play on the motto of the early Protestant Reformers: the reformed church will always be reforming. There’s more background, context, and words of welcome at the introductory post.)

I’m enjoying it, but I also think it’ll take a little time to settle into a good rhythm of posting there, posting here, and, well, all the other things. And to feel out what each space is best used for.

In that spirit, I’m very open to your thoughts and suggestions for what you’d like to see in this space (the personal blog). More poems? (It’s been a minute.) More super chill book reviews? (Or are there way too many already?) More random Bible/Greek thoughts? Brief weekly brain dumps of whatever I’ve been thinking about that I haven’t written about anywhere else yet? Other ideas – probably better ones? I’d love to hear.

In the meanwhile, I offer my four Patheos posts as some light reading for your Thanksgiving holiday:

  1. Forming and Re-forming: Words of Welcome, Words of Hope
  2. It’s Good to Change Our Minds
  3. What Are Theological Discussions Really About? (Or, Why I Didn’t Have Friends in Seminary)
  4. Faith is a Practice, Not a Belief Statement

I’m slowly gearing up, over at the Patheos blog, to spend quite a while running with the idea of how I’ve changed my mind about all sorts of different faith-related things over time. The first cluster will have to do with power and authority, and then we’ll move on to things like women’s roles in church, LGBTQ+ affirmation, and more. Very open to topic suggestions for the series!

Thanks for hanging with the changes, and do feel free to let me know what you think about…any of this.

Hope you have a wonderful long weekend!

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