Advent prayer: Wisdom

Continuing with the theme of “Advent poem/prayers from 2021 that I’m still feeling”… The word for this one is “wisdom.”



There is wisdom in our souls, deep down.
There is so much we don’t know.

We carry some wisdom 
and we need other humans for the rest.

We need the whole of creation
as our wisdom teachers.

The wise ones move in cycles of receiving, giving,
mutual respect, gracious attention.

God, in our world 
the wisest ones often go unheard.

We clamber after the confident ones, 
the smooth-talking ones, 
the quick-thinking ones, 
the shiny put-together polished ones.

But wisdom is carried 
in bodies who keep the score of suffering,
in wrinkled faces who have laughed and cried too much 
to bother putting up a front.

Wisdom is slow-moving.
She refuses to be commodified. 
We often rush right past.

God, help us not miss wisdom 
in our rush to say the right thing.

Help us not miss wisdom 
in our inattentiveness, 
in our tendency to think we know things.

Help us not miss wisdom 
as we still ourselves and wait.

Give us patience, as long as it takes.

We wait in the dark, where wisdom hides, 
that we might find her.



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  1. Hi Liz,

    I’m really appreciating your “Always Reforming” column, as well as reading other materials you have written.

    I’ve tried to subscribe to your newsletter without success. I wonder what you think I should do?

    Sincere thanks,


    • Hi Robert, thanks for the note and sorry about the newsletter issue! I think the service I’ve been using for email doesn’t play well with hotmail, which is a bummer. I need to look into some different options and hopefully figure out a way to get through to hotmail accounts! In the meanwhile, if you happen to also have a non-hotmail email, feel free to sign up with that…otherwise I’ll reach out and let you know if/when we’re able to fix the issue.

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