Out there on the web: book excerpts and bonuses, all the Audre Lorde quotes, and more

Hi friends,

It’s been a minute (more precisely, since November) since I’ve done an “out there on the web” post, meant to draw your attention to what I’ve been writing in places that are not here. These are a few things I’d love to share with you:

New Year New Substack

The new Substack is going strong so far! I’ve been over there reflecting on:

The official theme of the Substack is “Growing Into Kinship.” Its unofficial theme seems to be “reflections on birds by someone who knows nothing about birds.” 

But you know, Jesus said to consider the birds. So maybe I’m doing all right. 

If you’re enjoying what I’m writing over there, feel free to share it with a friend. Subscription is free, and I’m aiming to post weekly-ish.

Pieces close to my heart that didn’t make it into Nice Churchy Patriarchy 

When I wrote Nice Churchy Patriarchy, I had, well, a lot to say. And while the book ended up being a tad on the chunky side, it could have been much more so. (You’re welcome.) I had to edit a lot of things out, including some parts I really liked.

I’m so happy that (adapted versions of) some of these parts have found a home:

  • At Missio Alliance, I reflect on a seminary professor who shamed us students for having too-lofty dreams—and on how desperately faith communities need women’s lofty dreams.
  • At The Presbyterian Outlook, I reflect on that one time in the gospel of Luke when Elizabeth’s community didn’t believe her about her own son’s name—and how, as Audre Lorde said, there are no new pains.
  • At Christians for Biblical Equality, I reflect on a conversation I once had with a male pastor about seminary and what it would mean for me as a woman—and on all the gendered double standards of ministry and church and all the things. 
  • At Red Tent Living, I reflect on what it’s been like to start speaking out about women’s experiences in church after being pretty quiet about it for a long time. Again, with inspiration from Audre Lorde.

Excerpts from Nice Churchy Patriarchy

There are also a couple new adapted excerpts from Nice Churchy Patriarchy out there on the web. Which is awesome, because they’re something you can share with a friend who might like to see if they think they’d like the whole book. 

Speaking of the book…if you read it and liked it, would you consider being incredibly awesome and supportive and posting a brief review on Amazon? A recent two-star review has me pondering the vulnerability of only having 20 reviews up.

The more reviews, the merrier—and the less it’ll matter when random negative/troll reviews show up! Thanks for considering.

Hope you enjoy some of these links. I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of them anytime.

Peace, happy reading, and happy patriarchy-smashing,


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