God is Calling Her Children

God is Calling Her Children

God is calling 
her children to the garden,

to walk through wildflowers
in the place where life 
grows slowly and unveils itself 
in its own time,

to let soil slip through fingers
in the place where we 
do not need to be 

conquerors and colonizers,
chairpeople and board members,

but, rather, midwives:

those who care and watch
and move to catch

the world that is to come.

So God is calling,
listen as she calls forth

feminine ambition: 

the kind that runs with Spirit wind behind
and does not lose its breath

until its tiny corner of the world
bursts with divine love,

until our eyes see God in every person
and our hands have done the good 
that they could do

and let that be 

Light pink roses

We have one more kind of rose that I haven’t posted pictures of yet, and I don’t want it to feel left out.

There are four identical plants (if the colors look different, it’s just different sunlight).

A couple weeks ago I felt like I was spending a lot of time deadheading them, so one day I counted…and I cut off 120 deadheads total from those four plants. In case that was a fluke, I counted again two days later, and got 158.

Then, yesterday, after having deadheaded thoroughly two days before, I counted again and got 268 (!). I’m not sure if I like how this is trending in terms of amount of deadheading work, but the roses sure are lovely…

A splash of color for you in these dark times.

Shrub Roses

While I’ve been doing blackspot battle on several of our more traditional-looking rose plants, these lovely shrub roses snuck up on me and started going wild with gorgeous bright pink blooms.

Insert lesson about resilience here if you like, or about some of the most beautiful things in life being pure gift and out of our control…or just enjoy these pictures.